Why would I choose to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead of a Chapter 7?

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How the Great Recession birthed a powerful two-punch formula for mortgage debtors

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Q: If I file bankruptcy to stop foreclosure, can I reduce my mortgage payment?

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Virginia License Suspension Forgiveness – For now, a temporary reprieve.

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Where do I file suit? State or Federal Court?

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DUI (DWI) under .08 BAC in Virginia

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Do I need a will, a living revocable trust or both?

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Handling a College Campus Sexual Assault Hearing—Contested Cases Mean Cross-Examining Witnesses

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City of Richmond’s Eviction Diversion Program (EDP)

After the New York Times published a Princeton University study regarding eviction rates in the U.S., it revealed that the City of Richmond had the second highest eviction rate in the country. The … [Read more...]