Child Custody and Visitation in Virginia: Best Interests of a Child and Factor 4

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Creditors’ Rights, Chapter 11 & Claims “Covered” By Liability Insurance

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First Offense Theft Cases in Virginia

Starting July 1, 2020, a person charged with any misdemeanor theft or larceny related crime can have the case deferred and ultimately dismissed under Virginia law.  Prior to that, Courts had no … [Read more...]

Changes in DUI Restricted Licenses in Virginia

One of the worst parts of getting convicted of driving under the influence having your license suspended or restricted.  Historically, a DUI conviction meant a restricted license for twelve months … [Read more...]

Child Custody and Support Cases in Virginia. Where to start?

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Virginia DUI (DWI). Where to start?

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Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant File Chapter 11 Reorg

Impacted from COVID-19, Ann Taylor and Lane Bryant’s parent company, Ascena Retail Group (ticker: ASNA) filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in the Eastern District of Virginia in Richmond on … [Read more...]

Misclassification of Employees: New laws for Virginia businesses

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Where to start when considering Bankruptcy

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Virginia, criminal charges, and autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability.

During the past General Assembly session, the legislature took on a number of criminal justice reforms. This included a comprehensive review of how persons with mental health diagnosis are treated in … [Read more...]