The Emotional Roller Coaster of Divorce – How do I help myself and my case?

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Virginia’s New Residential Landlord Tenant Laws: The Power of the Assumed Lease

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Employer Vicarious Liability for Violent Crimes: Know your responsibility.

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Child Support and Spousal Support: What is a material change in circumstances?

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Burglary in Virginia: It isn’t as simple as you think.

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Spousal Support. What do you need to know in Virginia divorces?

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Child Support- How to Track Expenses for Out of Pocket Medicals

Most court orders for child support provide for parents to be responsible for assisting in paying for out of pocket medical expenses under Virginia Code § 20-108.1 and Virginia Code § 20-108.2.  This … [Read more...]

Making divorce and child custody easier: There are Apps that can help.

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CBD in Virginia

In the past few months, stores offering various CBD products have popped up all over the Commonwealth of Virginia. These products range from drinks and candy to lotions and dog chews.  Proponents … [Read more...]

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