Mental Health and Criminal Law, Part One.

The criminal justice system has a very bright line rule about mental health and criminal responsibility.  As long as crime has been around, the defense of not guilty by reason of insanity has been … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Medical Directives – The Psychiatric Advance Directive

When putting together an advanced medical directive in Virginia - it is very common for clients to focus on end of life wishes.  However, when having these discussions it is just as important to … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Family Law

If you’re in the midst of a contested divorce or custody litigation, your mental health is almost certainly going to be an issue for you and your attorney to discuss.  Any time a court is being asked … [Read more...]

The Greatest Gift: Don’t forget the personal touch in your estate plan.

Our estate attorneys spend their days working with clients that are planning for death, facing death and in the grips of grief from the loss of a loved one. Our time helping families through wrapping … [Read more...]

Child Support: What Does It Mean to Impute Income?

In Virginia, the Courts use the Virginia Child Support Guidelines to determine child support. Into a formula the parties input information, including but not limited to the monthly gross incomes of … [Read more...]

Estate Pets – How Do I Take Care of My Pet After I’m Gone?

INCORPORATING PETS INTO YOUR ESTATE PLAN With the increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic, more clients are starting to ask how they can plan for their furry friends’ care after they are … [Read more...]

2022 Rebound Expected for Consumer Bankruptcy

It's counterintuitive for many, but consumer bankruptcy filings in 2021 were at a low level not seen since the 1980s.  This is attributable to several factors: 1. Eviction moratoriums, foreclosure … [Read more...]

Bail and Bond in Virginia

If you are arrested in Virginia, whether on a misdemeanor or a felony, the first thought is will I be released?  Or do I have to sit in jail until my case is heard.  That depends on a lot of factors, … [Read more...]

Probation Reform Update

It has been six months since Virginia law changed regarding probation violations, and there are still more questions than answers as to the application of this law. A few things have become clear … [Read more...]

Firearm Restoration in Virginia

It is common knowledge that when you are convicted of a felony in Virginia, you lose the right to purchase and possess a firearm.  This includes not only handguns, but also shotguns and hunting … [Read more...]