Virginia Strengthens Highway “Move Over” Law – Now Reckless Driving

Since the inception of the "Move Over" law in 2002, Virginia has been serious about getting drivers on highways to slow down and move over when a stationary vehicle is on the side of a highway with … [Read more...]

Protective Orders in Virginia. What do you need to know?

Protective orders, in Virginia, are very similar to what’s known as “restraining orders” in other states. Protective orders can often be obtained for any person who is in danger of physical injury or … [Read more...]

Divorce in Virginia: What happens if I leave the marital home?

If you have made the choice to separate from your spouse, you may be asking if leaving the marital home is in your best interest. Virginia is a state with fault-based grounds for divorce, meaning that … [Read more...]

Virginia Fault Based Divorce: Tell me about Adultery?

Virginia is a state which has fault-based grounds for divorce. Fault-based grounds mean that there has been some sort of wrongdoing between the married couple which is the reason for the divorce. One … [Read more...]

Minor Damage and Gaps in Treatment? Recovery is still possible in Virginia.

Car accidents, even minor ones, affect our lives.  People often believe if there is minimal damage to their vehicle and/or they wait to seek treatment after a car accident that they may not be able to … [Read more...]

Virginia Computer Crimes Act

In this day and age we keep out entire lives on a computer. Our phones store our personal contact information, bank account information, social media accounts, and for most people so much more. When a … [Read more...]

Opting out of the SOL in Virginia

Virginia Standards of Learning. Some schools breeze through them, others prep for them and focus on the tests more than they care to admit. As a parent you see the effects of the stress of the test … [Read more...]

Reckless Driving, DUI, Speeding – How long does a ticket in Virginia stay on my driving record?

A question that we often hear is, how long is this (reckless driving) (DUI) (DWI) (speeding) ticket going to stay on my record? The Virginia DMV lists the time frame on their website here: … [Read more...]

Where should you probate a will?

A loved one has passed and you are listed as the Executor.  You know that the next step is to go to a Circuit Court and open probate, but which one? Generally in Virginia, a will should be … [Read more...]

Continued Expansion of Gambling in Virginia

After five years of being shuttered Colonial Downs is back open.  The facility closed its doors in 2014 after contract negotiations between track owners and horse owners broke down. No live racing … [Read more...]