Intelsat Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Richmond Division

Satellite operator Intelsat, which launched the world's first commercial communications satellite Intelsat 1 in 1965, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Richmond, VA on Wednesday, May 13 in order to … [Read more...]

Divorce & Frozen Embryos – What Happens if you Separate?

In today’s world, there is no one way to start a family. The amount of options are almost endless – adoption, foster, surrogacy, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, and the list goes on. … [Read more...]

Changing your Will

The coronavirus pandemic is prompting many people to write their wills and take care of their estate planning. But what if you have already executed a will, and you just want to change one or a few … [Read more...]

Destruction of a will – a crime with a harsh punishment in the Commonwealth of Virginia

A last will and testament is a legal document that articulates a person’s wishes for after they have passed away. It’s an important document that maps out who will be named their executor, how one’s … [Read more...]

Assault and Battery in Virginia Against a Family or Household Member: First Offender

In Virginia, assault and battery charges where the victim is a family or household member are handled in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. “Family or household member” is defined … [Read more...]

Traps for the unwary! Strict liability felonies in Virginia.

There are some crimes that people can commit without knowing the law is “on the books.” Or even committing it entirely inadvertently if they did know. These are called “strict liability” offenses, and … [Read more...]

Intoxication as a Defense in Virginia

Since the start of the pandemic, most everyone who has been following the news knows that while everyone is passing the time in quarantine people are drinking alcohol more. The pandemic has also made … [Read more...]

How Should We Handle Stimulus Checks for Separated Couples in Virginia During COVID-19?

By now many people in Virginia have received their stimulus checks provided by the federal government as a means to provide assistance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Each eligible taxpayer on … [Read more...]

Estate planning after relocation. Is an out of state will valid in Virginia?

Life is full of so many unexpected and exciting events-marriage, birth of a child, career changes and often relocation. With a big move from one state to another, many tend to take necessary steps … [Read more...]

How criminal defense counsel can help in Virginia: Recharacterizing felonies as misdemeanors.

In an earlier post on collateral consequences, we wrote about how felony convictions can result in life-altering events that forever change the course of how society treats you. Frequently clients … [Read more...]