Equitable Distribution and the Division of Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce

In Virginia, the court divides marital property in a process that is called “equitable distribution.” Specific assets that the court is given express authority to distribute include the marital share … [Read more...]

Electronic Tracking Devices in Virginia

Several years ago, Virginia’s legislature clarified the legality of using an electronic tracking device to monitor someone without their permission. Virginia Code § 18.2-60.5. “Unauthorized use of … [Read more...]

What can I do during COVID-19 to change custody & visitation and child support in Virginia?

As we as a nation face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, many courts around the country have been forced to shut their doors to the public and severely limit the types of hearings judges can … [Read more...]

Court’s Rule Changes Ease Bankruptcy Practice During COVID-19

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Getting preliminary protective orders—when time is crucial

People who are suffering abuse from people in their homes or lives understandably do not have the luxury of waiting to litigate their rights during bankers’ hours. They frequently need relief now—to … [Read more...]

Expert testimony ≠ “certified” expert in Virginia

A misunderstanding that many clients have in litigation is whether they can testifying to an opinion on an area they have better-than-average knowledge in. The short answer is that, ordinarily, laymen … [Read more...]

School Closure in a Crisis and Special Education Services

Schools are closed, and your child is not receiving the special education services that are supposed to be in place, what can you do? The type of mass school closures such as the ones from the … [Read more...]

Reckless driving using a phone: Changes coming January 1st, 2021 for drivers in Virginia

A topic of contentious fighting amongst drivers everywhere in Virginia is how we should treat those who are using handheld devices like cell phones while driving. Being distracted by a conversation … [Read more...]

Disorderly conduct by students in Virginia schools: A new law attempts to sort out the mess.

A common headache teachers, administrators, and school resource officers face in school fights is figuring out who started the incident. Assault and battery of one student by another is still just as … [Read more...]

Criminal Law Update: Major change in law concerning jury punishment in Virginia

For decades now, Virginia has divided jury trials into two parts—first the “guilt” phase, where the members of a jury decide whether someone is actually guilty of an offense. The second was the … [Read more...]