Business Law Services

We pride ourselves on serving the needs of Richmond community small businesses. Whether it is helping you start one or help you grow one, we will be with you at every step. Examples of our small business services include incorporation, contract formation, contract review, contract dispute resolution, employment law issues, creditor representation, collections and transactional support.

Business Entity Formation

Whether you are looking to start a new business or interested in the possibility of growing an existing business, we are well versed in the formation of Virginia Business Entities. We can provide advice as to what type of entity to form, form the entity for you, and help you grow your business.

Business Entity Litigation

When litigation becomes necessary, we can step in and provide sound and rational legal support. We will make every effort to resolve the dispute in a timely and thorough manner. Our attorney’s will provide you a number of options for moving forward, including the possibility of using our Alternate Dispute Resolution services.


Whether you have one client who is a few months late or your account receivables has gotten out of control, we can help you recover your money. Our lawyers are well versed in the various theories of collection including contract-based claims, unjust enrichment, conversion, and detinue.

Contract Drafting

Contracts are the very foundation of an agreement. We are very familiar with an array of contract topics, be it a buy/sell agreement, a service agreement, a confidentiality agreement or something completely new. Before you enter into your next agreement, we strongly suggest speaking with a legal professional regarding how you can best protect yourself now and in the future.

Creditor Bankruptcy Representation

If a debtor files bankruptcy while still owing you money, our lawyers can help you navigate the bankruptcy procedures and help you recover some of your money from the court.

For more information on this topic, please visit our Bankruptcy services page.

Registered Agent

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires every entity to list a Registered Agent. We serve as Registered Agent for a number of Virginia entities, as well as foreign entities doing business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are in need of a Registered Agent, contact our office so we may discuss your needs at more length.

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