Commercial Real Estate

The success of a Commercial real estate closing depends on knowing the deal.  The parties, properties, contractual obligations and financing are among the critical components of any transaction.

Each closing strategy is tailored specifically to the transaction, with a checklist created, shared, communicated and updated alongside the client.  This checklist will cover a myriad of items.   These include third parties, execution, escrow funding, disbursements, closing date and (if necessary) preclosing conference.  Our closing attorneys work with you every step of the way such that we have pre-identified any issues and resolved them prior to the closing date.

We represent people and businesses just like you– whether you are an individual, company, investor, financial institution, REO asset management company, relocation company or hedge fund; buying or selling real estate, lending money, extending credit or otherwise financing a transaction involving real estate.

Put our collective experience of handling real estate transactions and years of practice to work for you.  Call us at (804) 423-1382 for assistance with your transaction.

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