We researched for a lawyer and are so happy with our choice of Sarah McCurry. She asked all the right questions to get us thinking about what we needed and wanted to do. Her expertise and knowledge of the law is the epitome of what a great lawyer should be. Throughout the process her guidance was much needed and very appreciated. If you need a gracious, totally professional and a very nice person to work with, then Sarah McCurry is right for you.

I’ll be honest with you… this was the first time I have ever had to hire an attorney and it was an unbelievably pleasant experience. My family and I were dealing with an incredibly unreasonable and unethical land lord and I turned to Chris Winslow for help. His rates are fair and he goes above and beyond to help his clients!! I cannot even begin to tell you the personal hell Chris defended my family and I from. Thank you again Chris… if I ever need legal defense or assistance again I’m definitely coming back to you!! I highly recommend hiring this man as your attorney.

We had the pleasure of working with Sarah McCurry for an unfortunate situation. She was GREAT to work with, she helped up resolve the issue we had. It was a very successful and we could not have done it without her. She helped resolve this our situation in a very timely manner. We hope to never have to be put in the situation again that we need a lawyer to resolve a very unfortunate situation, but if we are, we would certainly use Sarah McCurry again. Being a small business, she helped us tremendously! I would totally recommend her to anyone!- Lee and April A.

I had an extremely positive experience with Chris Winslow in filing bankruptcy.  Before filing, I was spending $500 per month on debt that was dragging me down and driving a 10 year-old car.  One year later, I have re-established my credit, landed a fantastic job and I just bought a new car.  I wish I had filed earlier. – A. D.

One thing I know for sure and that I’m grateful for this past year, is that, I had Erika MacCormac for my [divorce] attorney.  Thank you Erika for everything you have done on my behalf.- M.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah through a project I was handing for work. I loved working with her during that time. I knew if I ever needed an attorney, I would definitely contact her to see if she handled whatever type of issue I had. My husband and I did use her services for our estate planning and she was top notch. I am now dealing with a personal matter and I wasn’t even sure if it would be anything for which I may need to seek legal representation. I called Sarah and she went above and beyond by changing her personal schedule in order to see me the day I called. She’s truly an attorney who puts her client first. When meeting and talking with her about your matter, she’s extremely knowledgeable and if it’s an area she doesn’t typically practice, she lets you know and doesn’t try to make you think she does just so she will make money. She and the staff are very professional. I highly recommend this firm, especially Sarah McCurry, Esq.

I recently hired Mr. Winslow. He was very thorough, as well as instructive for what he wanted me to do as well. Together, we gathered plenty of evidence to help our case. I felt like he was a partner. He worked with me, and he treats you more like a friend than just a client. I think that his attention to details and his passion for this case was outstanding. I never would of have imagined that I would of found someone as dedicated as he was. I would highly recommend him to anyone else that has a need for a lawyer. Any time I need any help in the future I am definitely coming back to him.

Although no one wants to think about will and estate planning, Sarah makes it a simple and easy process. She provides expert guidance and makes recommendations of things that maybe beneficial for your family that you may not have thought of such as trusts, etc. She helps get your life affairs in order.

I called [Chris] for some advice on an issue with the apartment complex I’m moving into. He was very polite and answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand what I should do next. I appreciated his professional opinion on the situation I was dealing with. He is someone I would definitely want to work with.

Sarah provides an honest, blunt answer when you need it the most. As a small business owner, I could not recommend anyone more.