Leases are common contracts used to allow individuals and businesses to use a piece of property over a predetermined period of time. Our lawyers are well versed in both residential and commercial leases and are ready to help our landlord clients navigate Virginia Landlord & Tenant law.


Our firm can help during the formation and resolution of a residential lease. Whether you are in search for an attorney to draft a residential lease for your property or you are seeking an opinion as to your current residential lease, we can help you. If for whatever reason the relationship breaks down, our attorneys are well versed with the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and have experience helping landlords recover when faced with delinquent tenants.

We represent individuals and several large apartment landlords in the greater Richmond area and pride ourselves on efficient resolution.


Commercial lease agreements are highly detailed documents that should not be entered into lightly. We have experience on both sides: we have drafted commercial leases, negotiated terms for parties, as well as simply reviewed a client’s lease and given our comments. In addition, we have experience helping parties work through the termination of a commercial lease. Whether you are looking for someone to help you draft, negotiate or just review a commercial lease agreement for you, or if you find yourself in a disagreement over the terms of a lease, please contact our office.

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