Handling a College Campus Sexual Assault Hearing—Contested Cases Mean Cross-Examining Witnesses

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City of Richmond’s Eviction Diversion Program (EDP)

After the New York Times published a Princeton University study regarding eviction rates in the U.S., it revealed that the City of Richmond had the second highest eviction rate in the country. The … [Read more...]

Campus Sexual Assault Title IX Investigations — Criminal Law Inside Universities

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Top Five Personal Injury Questions Resulting from a Car Accident

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Restitution with Juveniles: How do you recover when it is a juvenile committing the property damage?

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October 2019 Civil Rights Restoration Update

Governor Northam announced on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 that since he took office in January 2018 over 20,000 Virginians have had their civil rights restored (22,205 to be exact). Felony … [Read more...]

Expungements after guilty verdicts in Virginia. What options do you have?

A question we frequently hear is whether a conviction can be expunged that is "years old" or that was "simply a misdemeanor". Generally, the answer is no—no matter how old or how minimal the offense … [Read more...]

IEP Parental Consent: Make sure you are satisfied with the terms BEFORE you sign.

In any context - the general rule of thumb to never sign anything until you are certain you agree is a good rule to follow. This concept also holds true for your child’s Individual Education … [Read more...]

Equitable Distribution in Virginia. What is equitable?

In a divorce case, the judge has the ability to divide the property and debts of the parties. This process is called equitable distribution, and it involves several steps. The first of those steps … [Read more...]

Probate in Virginia. What are the first steps?

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