Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees Receive Fee Bump

Chapter 7 Trustees are receiving a fee increase. Bankruptcy courts will begin processing an additional $60 per case payment to eligible chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees for applicable cases filed or … [Read more...]

Top Five Notary Problems We See When Reviewing Legal Documents in Virginia

It is very common in the legal and financial worlds for signature documents to require a notary certification.  A notary is a public official who acts as an unbiased witness to the identity the … [Read more...]

Restrictive Covenants and How They Control Your Ownership of Real Estate

  A person's home is their castle is a common phrase - with the connotation that a person has to a right to do what they want with their real property. While true in many respects, … [Read more...]

Proper Entity Registration with the SCC is Paramount for any Business. Period.

Can you imagine going through years and years of litigation, finally winning your case after a lengthy trial - only to learn that you are denied your judgment because your company was never properly … [Read more...]

Tax Debt? Know the Difference Between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Owing the IRS is never pleasant, but with a stubborn high inflationary period settling in, it may be an option to deal with your tax debt in a bankruptcy. Fortunately, it is possible to discharge … [Read more...]

Congratulations graduate! Now it’s time to consider a power of attorney and an advanced medical directive.

Your child has graduated high school - and while your child will always be your baby - if your child is about to turn eighteen (18), the fact rains that they will soon be adults in the eyes of the … [Read more...]

Expiration of Nonpayment Eviction Protection in Virginia

A number of protections for Tenants in nonpayment eviction cases are set to expire in Virginia. Full protections as imposed by the Virginia General Assembly during the COVID-19 state of emergency … [Read more...]

Can Incapacitated Individuals File Bankruptcy?

Absolutely. The Bankruptcy Code expressly contemplates that incapacitated individuals can be bankruptcy debtors and subsequent Court decisions concur. Under Section 301 of the Bankruptcy Code, a … [Read more...]

Special Needs Trusts

When establishing an estate plan, questions often arise about how to best plan for loved ones suffering from mental illness.  Whether that loved one is dealing with a mental disability, a psychiatric … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Criminal Law, Part Two.

In our last post, we looked at the insanity defense in Virginia.  For most of the legal history of our Commonwealth, the insanity defense was the only defense available for those suffering from mental … [Read more...]