What is the REAL ID law and is it offered through Virginia DMV?

There have been many stories in the national media regarding REAL ID identification and when it will be necessary for travel in the United States.  We have been asked what does this mean for Virginia … [Read more...]

Virginia DUIs: New Tougher Penalties for DUIs Involving Injuries

On February 23rd, 2019, the House of Delegates voted to approve tougher penalties for DUIs that involve injuries in Virginia.  The Senate had previously approved the bill unanimously by a vote of … [Read more...]

Special Education Remedies in the Education Law Arena

If your child has been denied their Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) you may be entitled to certain remedies. The remedies for the denial of your child’s education is not the same as the … [Read more...]

Embezzlement—a crime proven by excluding the other possibilities

In our increasingly digitized society, white collar crime is fast becoming one of the most frequently seen kinds of fraud by business owners, auditors, and law enforcement. It is estimated to cost US … [Read more...]

Bullying in Schools: IEP and options.

Bullying is the scourge of many students. As parents and guardians we want to prevent our children from having to be subjected to bullying. In some states that is easier to do than others, but in … [Read more...]

Changes to School Calendar and Potential Consequences to Custody and Visitation Orders

As part of custody and visitation orders, parties will often look to the children’s school schedule in order to help craft visitation schedules for the non–custodial parent, or to  help determine and … [Read more...]

Personal Injury and Property Damages: How much is your car worth?

One of the unfortunate consequences of any serious car wreck is the possibility that your vehicle will be declared a total loss. In these instances Virginia law requires that the responsible insurance … [Read more...]

Federal Crime Victims and Their Rights

Most people have forgotten about him, but one of the more lurid cases to come out of the federal courts in the last 10 years was that of Jeffrey Epstein. After success in finance and science … [Read more...]

Big Changes to Virginia Tobacco Laws: Age to Purchase now 21

On February 21, 2019, Governor Northam signed into law a bill to increase the age for purchasing tobacco products in the Commonwealth from 18 years old to 21 years old. Virginia will join … [Read more...]

Commonwealth v. Hall Implications: How involved does your property have to be before the government can take it under a forfeiture?

How can you be punished for a crime? Most people would answer with prison, jail, or a steep fine. But what many people don’t know is that—when you use some kinds of property to commit a crime—the … [Read more...]