Federal Gift & Estate Tax Exemption Update

When putting a plan in place it is always important to be aware of the current Federal gift and estate tax exemption levels. Under current federal gift and estate tax laws, each year the U.S … [Read more...]

Top Five Notary Problems We See When Reviewing Legal Documents in Virginia

It is very common in the legal and financial worlds for signature documents to require a notary certification.  A notary is a public official who acts as an unbiased witness to the identity the … [Read more...]

Congratulations graduate! Now it’s time to consider a power of attorney and an advanced medical directive.

Your child has graduated high school - and while your child will always be your baby - if your child is about to turn eighteen (18), the fact rains that they will soon be adults in the eyes of the … [Read more...]

Special Needs Trusts

When establishing an estate plan, questions often arise about how to best plan for loved ones suffering from mental illness.  Whether that loved one is dealing with a mental disability, a psychiatric … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Medical Directives – The Psychiatric Advance Directive

When putting together an advanced medical directive in Virginia - it is very common for clients to focus on end of life wishes.  However, when having these discussions it is just as important to … [Read more...]

The Greatest Gift: Don’t forget the personal touch in your estate plan.

Our estate attorneys spend their days working with clients that are planning for death, facing death and in the grips of grief from the loss of a loved one. Our time helping families through wrapping … [Read more...]

Estate Pets – How Do I Take Care of My Pet After I’m Gone?

INCORPORATING PETS INTO YOUR ESTATE PLAN With the increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic, more clients are starting to ask how they can plan for their furry friends’ care after they are … [Read more...]

Beneficiary Forms in Estate Planning: Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries

As we have previously discussed, one of the most important gifts you can leave your loved ones is to put a comprehensive estate plan in place. In addition to putting wills, trusts and other estate … [Read more...]

Beneficiary Forms: An important piece of Estate Planning

Beneficiary forms - transfer on death designations (TOD), pay on death designations (POD), or just "beneficiary" forms in general - are all helpful tools when putting an estate plan in place. When you … [Read more...]

Why a Will Matters to your Survivors: Security

There is a common belief that "I don't need a will" or "it doesn't do anything the law doesn't already do".  As estate attorneys, we see the issues that arise when someone passes and a will has not … [Read more...]