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Why a will?

  As you well know by now, our own Sarah McCurry is a blogger for the Every Girls Dream blog based in Richmond, Virginia.  This month she tackles the important topic of why everyone should … [Read more...]

Driver’s License Points on Out of State Tickets

    If you have a driver’s license in one state, but travel to other states, that license continues to be in effect when you are in the other the state.  The reason for that is the … [Read more...]

How to handle a Traffic Stop.

It’s happened to everyone.  You are comfortably driving down the road when all of the sudden you see the blue lights behind you.  You think for a second they couldn't be looking for you, but they … [Read more...]

Is an Annulment Right for You?

Too often, a couple becomes engaged and spends so much time planning the wedding, they forget a marriage follows once the last piece of wedding cake is eaten and the last gift unwrapped. After just a … [Read more...]

In Virginia, what are the penalties for 1st offense possession of marijuana?

The controlling Code Section is 18.2-250.1. Under the statute, "any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be confined in jail not more than thirty days and a fine … [Read more...]

Workplace laws may be expanding

Interesting article from Work It Richmond on possible additional work place laws coming down the wire.       … [Read more...]