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Intelsat Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Richmond Division

Satellite operator Intelsat, which launched the world's first commercial communications satellite Intelsat 1 in 1965, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Richmond, VA on Wednesday, May 13 in order to … [Read more...]

Product Liability in Virginia: Injury from use of a product.

  Due to the current pandemic, people are finding themselves within their home much more than usual. This means that they are using appliances and items in their home that they may not … [Read more...]

Zoom Meeting Tips from the Pros: 1st Edition

As has been well documented, COVID-19 has increased the use and frequency of Zoom Meetings across business sectors in our economy.  Zoom makes it very easy to communicate.  After all, you don't need … [Read more...]

7 Steps to a CH 7 Bankruptcy During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to challenge individuals and business across the country, many people are turning to Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code for relief. Step 1. Call Winslow & McCurry, PLLC at … [Read more...]

Congress: “Extend Your Confirmed Chapter 13 Case from 5 to 7 Years during COVID-19”

The massive bailout passed by Congress last week known as the CARES (Coronavirus Aide, Relief and Economic Security) Act contains several provisions helpful to those considering in pending Chapter 7 … [Read more...]

Equitable Distribution and the Division of Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce

In Virginia, the court divides marital property in a process that is called “equitable distribution.” Specific assets that the court is given express authority to distribute include the marital share … [Read more...]

Court’s Rule Changes Ease Bankruptcy Practice During COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on the practice of law is being felt worldwide. The economic damage is being wrought daily on families, individuals, and businesses. This is what keeps us open during this … [Read more...]

CBD in Virginia

In the past few months, stores offering various CBD products have popped up all over the Commonwealth of Virginia. These products range from drinks and candy to lotions and dog chews.  Proponents … [Read more...]

Changes to School Calendar and Potential Consequences to Custody and Visitation Orders

As part of custody and visitation orders, parties will often look to the children’s school schedule in order to help craft visitation schedules for the non–custodial parent, or to  help determine and … [Read more...]

Marijuana Possession in Virginia Update

  Last week, two bills that were attempting to redefine how the Commonwealth of Virginia treats marijuana were again defeated in the General Assembly.  A bill to legalize marijuana for … [Read more...]