Handling a College Campus Sexual Assault Hearing—Contested Cases Mean Cross-Examining Witnesses

Under federal law, when sexual harassment or sexual assault is reported on a college or university campus - the colleges and universities are empowered to investigate and resolve the complaints of … [Read more...]

Campus Sexual Assault Title IX Investigations — Criminal Law Inside Universities

Under any circumstance, no parent ever wants to get a phone call from their child saying that they have been the victim of sexual assault or are facing an accusation of sexual assault.  For those with … [Read more...]

Restitution with Juveniles: How do you recover when it is a juvenile committing the property damage?

Crimes are seldom limited by age of the offender - and a common question a prosecutor will ask a victim is how much it will cost to repair the damage a juvenile has caused in a property destruction … [Read more...]

October 2019 Civil Rights Restoration Update

Governor Northam announced on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 that since he took office in January 2018 over 20,000 Virginians have had their civil rights restored (22,205 to be exact). Felony … [Read more...]

Expungements after guilty verdicts in Virginia. What options do you have?

A question we frequently hear is whether a conviction can be expunged that is "years old" or that was "simply a misdemeanor". Generally, the answer is no—no matter how old or how minimal the offense … [Read more...]

Employer Vicarious Liability for Violent Crimes: Know your responsibility.

Vicarious liability and respondent superior. Both are legal terms with a simple meaning. They both mean to some degree to hold someone else liable for the actions of a person, most often used to hold … [Read more...]

Burglary in Virginia: It isn’t as simple as you think.

At common law, and what most people continue to assume it is, is that burglary was the breaking into a home of another person at night with the intent to commit a larceny or other felony.  Because of … [Read more...]

CBD in Virginia

In the past few months, stores offering various CBD products have popped up all over the Commonwealth of Virginia. These products range from drinks and candy to lotions and dog chews.  Proponents … [Read more...]

Virginia Strengthens Highway “Move Over” Law – Now Reckless Driving

Since the inception of the "Move Over" law in 2002, Virginia has been serious about getting drivers on highways to slow down and move over when a stationary vehicle is on the side of a highway with … [Read more...]

Protective Orders in Virginia. What do you need to know?

Protective orders, in Virginia, are very similar to what’s known as “restraining orders” in other states. Protective orders can often be obtained for any person who is in danger of physical injury or … [Read more...]