How do I repair the damage? Can a false accusation—a criminal charge—be “fixed” in the public eye?

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Setting up your appeal when trial doesn’t go as planned.

Every attorney who does any significant trial work—and many clients beside them—recognize even in the middle of trial when a ruling has gone against them and their case will not recover. It’s a … [Read more...]

Electronic Tracking Devices in Virginia

Several years ago, Virginia’s legislature clarified the legality of using an electronic tracking device to monitor someone without their permission. Virginia Code § 18.2-60.5. “Unauthorized use of … [Read more...]

Registered Agents in Virginia– What They Are and Why Does Your Business Need One?

    Every business that is authorized to conduct business in Virginia, whether it is a Virginia or foreign business, is required by law to have a registered agent. A registered … [Read more...]

Where do I file suit? State or Federal Court?

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Top Five Personal Injury Questions Resulting from a Car Accident

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Virginia’s New Residential Landlord Tenant Laws: The Power of the Assumed Lease

This year, Virginia's legislature took action and made large strides to protecting a residential tenant’s interest. In their last session the Virginia General Assembly passed a new set of laws which … [Read more...]

Employer Vicarious Liability for Violent Crimes: Know your responsibility.

Vicarious liability and respondent superior. Both are legal terms with a simple meaning. They both mean to some degree to hold someone else liable for the actions of a person, most often used to hold … [Read more...]

Virginia Computer Crimes Act

In this day and age we keep out entire lives on a computer. Our phones store our personal contact information, bank account information, social media accounts, and for most people so much more. When a … [Read more...]