Virginia’s $10,000.00 Exemption

Did you know that the Code of Virginia contains a special exemption for Virginians who are 65 years and older? Every householder is entitled to hold exempt "from creditor process arising out of … [Read more...]

A clear termination clause

All good things must come to an end. So, too, must every contract. In an ideal world, a contract terminates when all parties have done what they promised to do in the contract. In the real world, the … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs and “The Pitch”

We have written before about cash flow often being the antithesis to a small business.  Here is an informative article from Work It Richmond regarding three investors perspective on how they like … [Read more...]

Interesting Changes in U.S. Patent Law

Interesting article about upcoming changes to U.S. Patent Law from Work It Richmond this morning. … [Read more...]

Divorce and Pensions in Economic Crisis

A question that often arises when a person starts contemplating divorce is “What impact will the current economy have on me if I’m divorced?”  This is a valid question to ask before initiating divorce … [Read more...]

Common Conundrum – What about the attorney’s fees?

In Virginia, if you sue someone for a wrong they have committed against you unless your case falls into a statutory exception or you have an attorney fee provision in your written agreement - you will … [Read more...]

Delays for Crowdfunding Regulations

A few months back we wrote about crowdfunding (  While the possiblities seem fruitful, the semantics of … [Read more...]

Child Custody and Visitation Concerns for New School Year

  As the final days of summer wind down, many families with children are gearing up for another school year.  As new activities, sports, and classes are scheduled, it is important to pause give … [Read more...]

What is this “arbitration” term in my contract?

In today's internet age, it has become common for business owners to pull a generic contract off of the internet and use it for their business.  Invariably, once something goes wrong, the client will … [Read more...]

Winslow & McCurry Add Erika R. Encinas

Winslow & McCurry, PLLC a Midlothian Village based law firm officially announces the hiring of Erika R. Encinas.   Born and raised in Chesterfield County, Erika Encinas attended the Virginia … [Read more...]