October 2019 Civil Rights Restoration Update

Governor Northam announced on Wednesday October 9th, 2019 that since he took office in January 2018 over 20,000 Virginians have had their civil rights restored (22,205 to be exact).

Felony disenfranchisement is a policy in Virginia where convicted felons lose certain civil rights including the right to vote and the right to serve on a jury.

In 2016, Governor McAuliffe signed an executive order that restored civil rights to all previously convicted felons.  The Virginia Supreme Court later ruled that this action was unconstitutional and that rights restoration could only be granted by the Governor on a case by case basis.

The restoration of firearms rights is governed by an entirely different process and still requires that a petition be filed in the local Circuit Court.

Here are some helpful links for those who may have questions about their civil rights being restored.



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