Equitable Distribution in Virginia. What is equitable?

In a divorce case, the judge has the ability to divide the property and debts of the parties. This process is called equitable distribution, and it involves several steps. The first of those steps … [Read more...]

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Divorce – How do I help myself and my case?

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Child Support and Spousal Support: What is a material change in circumstances?

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Spousal Support. What do you need to know in Virginia divorces?

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Child Support- How to Track Expenses for Out of Pocket Medicals

Most court orders for child support provide for parents to be responsible for assisting in paying for out of pocket medical expenses under Virginia Code § 20-108.1 and Virginia Code § 20-108.2.  This … [Read more...]

Making divorce and child custody easier: There are Apps that can help.

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Protective Orders in Virginia. What do you need to know?

Protective orders, in Virginia, are very similar to what’s known as “restraining orders” in other states. Protective orders can often be obtained for any person who is in danger of physical injury or … [Read more...]

Divorce in Virginia: What happens if I leave the marital home?

If you have made the choice to separate from your spouse, you may be asking if leaving the marital home is in your best interest. Virginia is a state with fault-based grounds for divorce, meaning that … [Read more...]

Virginia Fault Based Divorce: Tell me about Adultery?

Virginia is a state which has fault-based grounds for divorce. Fault-based grounds mean that there has been some sort of wrongdoing between the married couple which is the reason for the divorce. One … [Read more...]

Changes to School Calendar and Potential Consequences to Custody and Visitation Orders

As part of custody and visitation orders, parties will often look to the children’s school schedule in order to help craft visitation schedules for the non–custodial parent, or to  help determine and … [Read more...]