Grounds of Divorce in Virginia: What Constitutes Cruelty?

In Virginia, there are two general avenues by which one can obtain a divorce: No Fault or Fault Based. Both of those terms relate to the “grounds of divorce,” which is what you must prove in order for … [Read more...]

Equitable Distribution: What is Hybrid Property?

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How the Courts Determine Pendente Lite Spousal Support in Virginia

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Where Can I Get Divorced?

In order for any court to hear any case, that court must have jurisdiction over both the parties and the subject matter of that case. Virginia, like many states, has a special jurisdictional … [Read more...]

Best Interests of The Child: A Ten Factor Journey, Factor Three

Any custody or visitation litigation involving a child in the Commonwealth of Virginia will include at some point a consideration of Virginia Code § 20-124.3- a list of ten factors  that the court … [Read more...]

Modification or Termination of Spousal Support in Virginia

Courts in Virginia have the authority to award spousal support—commonly referred to as alimony—upon divorce. After that award of support, the Court may modify the support obligation in several … [Read more...]

Child Custody and Support Cases in Virginia. Where to start?

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How long will it last? Duration of Spousal Support in Virginia

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Living Separate and Apart: Why Should I Memorialize this?

When a couple in Virginia decides to pursue a “no-fault” divorce, they must live separate and apart in excess of six months to a year depending on the circumstances under Virginia Code § 20-91(A)(9).  … [Read more...]

Can Filing for Bankruptcy Stop the Lawsuit Against You?

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