Small Business and the new health care laws

A common question we have had over the past month has been when should a small business start looking into the Health Care Reform Act and how it will affect their small business.  Work It Richmond had … [Read more...]

Failure to Respond by Defendant No Longer a Bar to Divorce

 On July 1, a useful new law goes into effect for Divorce plaintiffs.  House Bill 104 patroned by Del. Manoli Loupassi and recommended by the Boyd-Graves Conference provides that if a defendant fails … [Read more...]

Learn about Sarah on Work It, Richmond

If you have ever wanted to pick Sarah's brain, here is your chance!  Sarah is featured today on the Work It, Richmond blog (also, a great resource for local small businesses), located through the link … [Read more...]

Business Contracts A to Z

We are proud to announce that Sarah will be speaking at a National Business Institute CLE event on September 18th in Richmond, Virginia.  Sarah will be focusing her speech on essential legal elements … [Read more...]

Advice for Entrepreneurs

A common question faced in the business world is whether or not entrepreneurs are born or made.  Dr. Matthew Rutherford, an associate professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University, takes … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Establishes Substance Abuse Recovery Support Services Grant Program

In 2012, the General Assembly established the Substance Abuse Recovery Support Services Grant Program Fund on the books of the Commonwealth treasury. This will be a valuable resource to those … [Read more...]

“Crowdfunding” and Capital – A potential lifeline for small businesses

  Cash flow – it is the eternal nemesis of many a startup.  In a recent attempt to help interject captial into small businesses, Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act … [Read more...]

Judges Must Now Communicate the Basis for their Custody Decisions

Among the many other laws going into effect July 1 is an important one regarding child custody decisions. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell signed legislation that compels judges to describe the basis for … [Read more...]

Local Resources for Small Businesses

Opening and operating a small business is not a task taken on lightly.  Along with the help of a licensed attorney, area small businesses should remember to check out free events in the community.  … [Read more...]

Modification of Spousal Support & Forseeability

In Virginia, a court of equity has an absolute power to grant alimony or spousal support either in a suit for divorce or for a suit for alimony alone.  Often, one party may find that the calculation … [Read more...]