In Virginia, what are the penalties for 1st offense possession of marijuana?

The controlling Code Section is 18.2-250.1. Under the statute, "any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be confined in jail not more than thirty days and a fine … [Read more...]

2013 General Assembly Yields 2 Key Family Law Changes

As citizens of the Commonwealth may be aware the Virginia General Assembly's 2013 Session has come to a close.  Legislators have been busy drafting new laws which will affect thousands of people … [Read more...]

Understanding and Maneuvering the Roles of the GAL

Chris Winslow and Erika MacCormac traveled to the University of Richmond's downtown campus and the Jeannette Lipman Family Law Clinic last Thursday to present 'Understanding and Maneuvering the Roles … [Read more...]

Supreme Court: Defendant has Burden to Prove Withdrawal

In the recent case of Smith v. United States, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a Defendant charged with criminal conspiracy carries the burden to prove withdrawal from the … [Read more...]

Workplace laws may be expanding

Interesting article from Work It Richmond on possible additional work place laws coming down the wire.       … [Read more...]

Advertising and Changes to Google AdWords

Advertising is often a challenge for small businesses.  One central source of business revenue is often the internet, and therefore Google.  The FTC has recently ruled on the many questions … [Read more...]

Virginia’s $10,000.00 Exemption

Did you know that the Code of Virginia contains a special exemption for Virginians who are 65 years and older? Every householder is entitled to hold exempt "from creditor process arising out of … [Read more...]

A clear termination clause

All good things must come to an end. So, too, must every contract. In an ideal world, a contract terminates when all parties have done what they promised to do in the contract. In the real world, the … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs and “The Pitch”

We have written before about cash flow often being the antithesis to a small business.  Here is an informative article from Work It Richmond regarding three investors perspective on how they like … [Read more...]

Interesting Changes in U.S. Patent Law

Interesting article about upcoming changes to U.S. Patent Law from Work It Richmond this morning. … [Read more...]