Virginia Education Law: When is something reasonably calculated for virtual?

In person, hybrid, and virtual. The education landscape is currently a labyrinthine minefield that would even put Theseus to shame. One constant in this ever shifting landscape is that special … [Read more...]

Three major changes coming to Special Education Law in Virginia.

For parents in Virginia, especially the greater Richmond area, positive changes in the school system are due to be implemented that will give parents more control and help in providing their children … [Read more...]

COVID-19 and Extended School Year Services

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School Closure in a Crisis and Special Education Services

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Disorderly conduct by students in Virginia schools: A new law attempts to sort out the mess.

A common headache teachers, administrators, and school resource officers face in school fights is figuring out who started the incident. Assault and battery of one student by another is still just as … [Read more...]

Education Law in Virginia: The IEE (Independent Education Evaluation), a second opinion to an IEP

What do you do when you believe your child has a disability that qualifies them for special education services, but the schools evaluator disagrees? Do you give up and accept their evaluation as the … [Read more...]

Handling a College Campus Sexual Assault Hearing—Contested Cases Mean Cross-Examining Witnesses

Under federal law, when sexual harassment or sexual assault is reported on a college or university campus - the colleges and universities are empowered to investigate and resolve the complaints of … [Read more...]

IEP Parental Consent: Make sure you are satisfied with the terms BEFORE you sign.

In any context - the general rule of thumb to never sign anything until you are certain you agree is a good rule to follow. This concept also holds true for your child’s Individual Education … [Read more...]

Opting out of the SOL in Virginia

Virginia Standards of Learning. Some schools breeze through them, others prep for them and focus on the tests more than they care to admit. As a parent you see the effects of the stress of the test … [Read more...]

Special Education Remedies in the Education Law Arena

If your child has been denied their Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) you may be entitled to certain remedies. The remedies for the denial of your child’s education is not the same as the … [Read more...]