The Emotional Roller Coaster of Divorce – How do I help myself and my case?

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events an individual can go through. Along with the changes that accompany the dissolution of a marriage, there are also court proceedings that add to the distress. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help your case and your emotional well-being.

First, refrain from making posts on social media regarding the separation. Anything that is posted online could potentially be used in court and may affect your spousal support, property division, and custody decisions. Remember that social media may reveal spending habits – such as trips, time spent out with friends, or new and big purchases. All of this may be weighed by the Court when making vital decisions regarding your financial well being going forward.

Second, be respectful and professional in communications to your spouse and his or her family and friends. Like social media, these communications may be used in court to show your ability to co-parent (if children are involved) with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This can affect the custody decision the Court will eventually make, and you want to present yourself in the best light possible. We published in 2017 about ways technology that can help, which can be read here.

Third and finally, remember your mental well being.  Divorce will always be a process. Even the “easy ones”. Take time for yourself. Take care of yourself. The Court will often take your mental well being into account when it is deciding such things as custody and visitation. Making sure that you are addressing the stress of the life change and taking the time for yourself can help your case as well as help you with the already emotional roller coaster of the divorce process.

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