Education Law

When you have a child struggling in school, you need to know that they may have certain rights available to them. If your child has been identified for special education, a 504 plan, or they need to be tested for eligibility, the school has to meet certain standards.

Due to the complexity of special education law, having an attorney to advocate for your child is highly recommended to help you navigate the labyrinth of federal and state regulations and statutes.

We can help develop your child’s Individualized Education Plan. We can negotiate and fight to get your child the services they need. We can ensure that the school is not violating the law when it comes to disciplinary matters of your child receiving special education or 504 services. Additionally, we can represent you in any Due Process Hearings that may be required.

Most importantly we can ensure that the schools provide your child with the appropriate education to which they are entitled. Whether that is in the form of a better IEP, ending bullying, or being excluded from activities that non-special education students are allowed to take part in, we will work to get your child their Free and Appropriate Public Education.

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