Chesterfield’s New Safe Zone for Visitation Exchanges

safe zone

When parents are embroiled in contested custody and visitation litigation, the location of pick ups and drop offs for visitation with the minor children can often become a major source of conflict for the parents.

From a legal standpoint, it’s important to consider the ramifications of where visitation exchanges are taking place. Custody fights often become a battle of he said she said, and lawyers and parents alike are looking for independent evidence to corroborate the parent’s side of the story. As such, locations where video surveillance is occurring can often be critical in proving the validity of each parent’s testimony about an event at pick up or drop off.

Safety of the minor children and parties involved is also an issue to be aware of, particularly in families where domestic violence has been an issue. Many times attorneys will advise the parents to exchange at local police stations, however, will this certainly minimizes the threat of violence, it can also overwhelm young minor children who may not understand the presence of so many police cars, and for older children,  it may serve to reinforce their perceptions of the level of anger between Mom and Dad.

Chesterfield County announced recently the launching of a new “Safe Zone” at the Chesterfield County Circuit Courthouse, which is delineated by blue painted parking spots in the parking lot between the Circuit Court and the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. The Safe Zone has 24 hour video surveillance. This is providing an excellent location for parents to have exchanges of children with the security of video surveillance, without the stress of police presence, and parents should be encouraged to take advantage of this new space.

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