Changes in DUI Restricted Licenses in Virginia

One of the worst parts of getting convicted of driving under the influence having your license suspended or restricted.  Historically, a DUI conviction meant a restricted license for twelve months that allowed the driver to go to work, school, and the doctor.  Those restricted licenses included a requirement of at least 6 months of an ignition interlock system.  Last winter, the General Assembly loosened those restrictions.

Starting July 1, 2020, a person who is convicted of a first offense DUI/DWI with a BAC under .15 can request that, in lieu of the traditional restricted license, a license that has no location restrictions.  These defendants can operate a motor vehicle for any reason as long as they have an ignition interlock system for the full twelve-month suspension period.

In July 2021, those who are having been convicted of a second offense DUI or a high BAC DUI can petition for a restricted license that has no location restrictions as well.  However, those people must both have an ignition interlock and a remote alcohol monitoring bracelet (SCRAM).

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