To take off, you need a flight plan: Small Businesses don’t forget the business plan.


I often laugh that my company is commonly referred to as a “small” business.  I am proud to be a business owner – and I acknowledge that we are not Walmart or Exxon – but I do not feel that there is anything about being a “small” business owner that is small.  Owning your own business is work – it is rewarding, it is vindicating, but it is anything but a “small” amount of work.

It is as a small business owner myself that I work with my small business client’s to provide legal advice -to help them begin, grow and prosper.  When a new entrepreneur walks in my door, my first question for them is whether or not they have a written business plan.

Have they put their goals, their future, down in writing?

From my own experiences – and from seeing which client’s new companies take root and prosper – and which do not work – it is more often than not the client’s that take the time to put a written plan in place that take flight.

Some client’s find putting together a business plan daunting – I tell them it is good practice for what is to come.  Lucky for the new entrepreneur, the Small Business Association has a form business plan for clients to tweak and make their own.  The information can be found at:  This is a great resource for not only drafting the business plan – but for also getting client’s to better understand what it will take to accomplish their initial goals and to think about where their business is going.

May 12th through May 16th is Small Business week with the Small Business Association.  To celebrate the ingenuity and hard work of small businesses, Winslow & McCurry will be posting each day this week regarding a different topic that has affected its small business clients.

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