Ruby Tuesday Attempts CH11 Reorg

Ruby Tuesday filed a petition under Chapter 11 on Wednesday in Delaware, saying it needed the protection of bankruptcy to address financial problems caused in part by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Based in Tennessee, Ruby Tuesday had already closed almost 300 restaurants in 3 years.  It also piled up $43 million in debt notwithstanding another $19 million owed to landlords and other creditors.

Ruby Tuesday’s CEO called the filing “an opportunity to reposition the company for long-term stability as we recover from the unprecedented impact of COVID-19,” which is a typical plan for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection seekers. The company still operates over 200 locations.

MSN reports “Prior to this year, Ruby Tuesday suffered a decline in sales due to a major shift in consumer attention from casual dine-in restaurants to fast food and fast casual options. Then once the pandemic hit, their bottom line was further affected by closures of dine-in businesses. Although the chain’s delivery business grew by 450% during this time, the transition away from a dine-in model wasn’t as smooth as that of other restaurants with well-established delivery operations.”

It remains to be seen whether Ruby Tuesday can emerge with a plan to make the casual dining chain relevant again.

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