Registered Agents in Virginia– What They Are and Why Does Your Business Need One?



Every business that is authorized to conduct business in Virginia, whether it is a Virginia or foreign business, is required by law to have a registered agent. A registered agent is a person or company who agrees to accept legal mail (such as complaints, summons, or subpoenas) on behalf of your business. This individual accepts the mail and forwards it to your business. They are also the person or company that receives (and often completes) your annual payment to the State Corporation Commission.  They also can help your business process your annual report (if you are a corporation).

The registered agent can be any individual as long as they live in Virginia, a member of the Virginia State Bar (a Virginia lawyer) or part of the management of a business. The individual also has to agree to be the business entity’s registered agent. A business entity may not serve as its own registered agent, but can serve as one for other businesses.

Further, a business must have a registered office located in Virginia. This must be a physical address, including the street address, city, state, and zip code. It cannot be a PO Box. The registered agent must be available at the registered office during normal business hours.

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