Packing For Divorce: How to Prepare for a Smoother Journey

Oftentimes one of the hardest decisions a person can make in their life is whether or not to leave their marriage and seek a divorce. Even when a spouse has no difficulty in deciding to leave, every person who makes the choice to seek a divorce is invariably left asking what now?

Many people will hire a lawyer, ask their spouses to leave or leave themselves, or sometimes both. Most spouses who choose to move out will of course take their clothing, special personal belongings, and perhaps some of their favorite household items. What many people don’t consider are the important paper documents you need to bring with you, or at least make a copy of in preparation for the pending divorce.

The following is a list of documents a spouse should bring with them if possible when meeting with their lawyer for the first time.

  • Insurance policies including cash surrender values
  • Four (4) most recent paystubs
  • Most recent employment retirement statement (401K, IRA, Pension, etc.)
  • Tax returns for the past  three (3) years
  • At least six (6) months of bank statements for all bank accounts
  • At least three (3) months of credit card statements
  • At least six (6) months of investment account statements (stocks, brokerage accounts, etc.)
  • Copy of deed and deed of trust for any real estate, including Marital Residence
  • Copy of most recent mortgage statement
  • Copy of most recent appraisal for real estate
  • List of vehicles with bluebook values
  • Jewelry or art appraisals
  • Any previously issued court documents relating to your children or spouse
  • If self employed, three (3) years corporate tax returns, and six (6) months corporate bank statements
  • Any special expenses or bills for your children


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