I’m in a car accident and the other driver has no insurance. Now what?


The majority of us have been in a car accident at least once in our lives. If you haven’t been in a collision yet, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, you’re also likely overdue for one. Current car insurance industry statistics suggest that the average driver will file a motor vehicle collision-related claim once every 17.9 years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported approximately 6.2 million motor vehicle collision in 2015, up from approximately 6 million in 2014.  An estimated 12% of drivers on the road today are without any sort of insurance.  If you’re a Virginia driver and you’re a victim of an uninsured driver’s negligence, are you out of luck?

Happily, the answer is No.  The 1994 Hackett v. Arlington County opinion from the Supreme Court of Virginia resolved this issue when it declared that all Virginia automobile insurance policies must contain uninsured motorist coverage.  The Virginia Personal Auto Policy provides uninsured motorist coverage to protect insured accident victims from negligent drivers who have no insurance.

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