GA Amends Child Support Guidelines

IMG_2252The Virginia General Assembly concluded its annual legislative session a mere month ago but come July 1, 2014, the effects of the legislative session will be felt in full effect across the Commonwealth of Virginia, specifically in the area of child support, where the law has changed for the first time since the late 1980’s.

Child support is currently calculated according to statutory guidelines that take into account parent’s respective incomes, health insurance and day care expenses for each child, and any support paid for other children.  The old guidelines only contemplated combined income between parents up to $10,000 a month and the new guidelines contemplate a combined income up to $35,000 between parents. This will affect the percentages each parent can expect to pay per guideline formula, including setting a new minimum of child support.

The old guidelines also required that parties split any out of pocket health care costs over $250 per year for their children. The new law eliminates the $250 threshold and now all out of pocket health care expenses are to be split among parties according to their income percentages.

When the guidelines for child support changed in the late 1980’s, case law reflected an apparent consensus that the mere change in guidelines was enough in some cases to allow for a re-calculation of child support, based on a material change in circumstance.

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