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If you have a driver’s license in one state, but travel to other states, that license continues to be in effect when you are in the other the state.  The reason for that is the Driver’s License Compact, which the states have signed onto to facilitate driving from location to location.  One of the byproducts of the Driver’s License Compact is that the state’s share information with each other about traffic violations that occur when a licensed driver of one state is in another.

For Virginia residents, infractions from North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia or any other state can show up on your record, and sometimes cause your license in Virginia to be suspended for charges gotten in another state.  It is important to know how each state treats its traffic infractions and point systems so that you don’t run into problems when you get home from that vacation.

Points in Virginia are broken down into 6 point offenses, 4 point offenses, and three point offenses.  You start as a licensed driver with 0 points, and earn one positive point for every year of infraction free driving.  The maximum you can have is +5 points.

Below are links to each of the state’s point systems on the East Coast, from New York to Florida.

And remember, if you don’t pay that fine in South Carolina, they can suspend your license in Virginia….

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