Child Custody and Visitation Concerns for New School Year


As the final days of summer wind down, many families with children are gearing up for another school year.  As new activities, sports, and classes are scheduled, it is important to pause give some thought as to maintaining custody and visitation schedules as well.  Frequently, parents relax visitation schedules during the summer months as children’s routines are less regimented and such a relaxation often allows for more quality time for both parents with their children.  As the school year begins anew however, it is important for parents to communicate with one another regarding resumption of a consistent visitation schedule.  Non-custodial parents who share legal custody of their children should make the effort to remain involved in their child’s new school year and ensure his or her inclusion on the child’s school records.


Frequently when parents don’t communicate regarding a child’s new school year routine, how the non-custodial parent’s visitation will interact with the new routine, and the non-custodial parent’s involvement in school activities, parties wind up in court arguing over the time spent with their children which is drains time and financial resources. Instead, just as time is taken to shop for new school supplies, make the time to discuss any changes to visitation schedules, new extra-curricular activities, and school involvement with former spouses to ensure a smooth and successful start to the academic year for the entire family.


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