Catastrophic Accidents – Exhausting all available coverage

There are accidents on our roadways every day. While most collisions are fender-benders resulting in minor injuries and are resolved by insurance quickly, some injuries are so severe that they take months to years to heal and require hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars’ worth of medical care.

It’s critical in those situations that you exhaust every available avenue of coverage. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you look at more than the first avenue of recover.  For example, if there is MedPay coverage available – your attorney may recommend that you exhaust it first. If the at-fault driver lives with relatives who have separate insurance policies you may be permitted to seek coverage from those policies as well as the at-fault driver’s policy.

If you exhaust all available liability insurance coverage and you still haven’t recovered enough to make yourself whole after a catastrophic collision, a personal injury attorney can help you to potentially recover underinsured motorist coverage from your own auto insurer.

Before signing any releases it’s important that you have a clear picture of all available coverage and whether or not you are going to be able to recover your damages. If you are going to fall short of your damages, it may be worth speaking with a personal injury attorney to weigh the pros and cons of going through a trial in lieu of settlement to obtain a judgment you can enforce against the at-fault driver personally. This will depend on the facts of your case and whether or not an at-fault driver has assets you can enforce the judgment against – but more on that later.

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