Contract Drafting: The Legal Blank Canvas

When clients come in looking to draft a contract – whether it be employment, settlement, or service related – the first thing we tell clients to remember is that every contract is a blank canvas.  There will always be certain traditional legal provisions that need to be included – but when it comes down to the terms between the parties, we always encourage our clients to be creative.

A perfect example of being creative with the terms of a contract is Boston Red Sox Manager Alex Cora’s current contract.  As outlined in Chris Matyszczyk’s Inc. magazine article, instead of asking for the sky in salary he asked for a plane full of supplies to be sent to Puerto Rico.  He asked for something that meant more to him than being the highest paid manager in baseball.  He and his team were creative.

When you are drafting or negotiating your next contract – while it may not be a MLB manager’s contract – you can learn from his choice – and know that sometimes there are other things (other than traditional monetary consideration in legal terms) that would finalize the deal and often build a better relationship between the parties in the long run.

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